Tré Cool

Full Name: Frank Edwin Wright III
Date of Birth: December 09, 1972
Hometown: Willits, California, USA
Natural Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Marital Status: Lisea Lyons (March 1995 - ??), Claudia (May 2000 - 2003)
Family: Father (helicopter pilot in Vietnam war), 2 siblings
Children: Ramona (January 1995 to Lisea Lyons), Frankito (2001 to Claudia)
Instruments: Drums, accordion, guitar


Frank was born on December 09, 1972. He lived in the Mendocino mountains with his father and two older siblings. His closest neighbour was Larry Livermore, who at that point was interested in starting a band. When Frank was twelve, Larry asked him to join The Lookouts on drums, Frank accepted even though he couldn't play and was given the name Tré Cool, meaning 'Very Cool' in French. Larry learnt Tré how to play drums and was astonished to witness his progress over a matter of months. 'The Lookouts' eventually started to decay and the band ended when Tré was invited to join 'Green Day' permanently after their previous drummer John was more focused on college.

Tré dropped out of highschool in his sophomore year. He went on to pass an equivalency test and earned a GED and began to take classes at a local community college. He eventually dropped out of college once Green Day's touring schedule grew stronger.

Tré's first daughter was born in January 1995 and he later married the mother Lisea Lyons in March. He and Lisea divorced afterwards. Tré later remarried in May 2000 to Claudia and son Frankito was born to both of them in 2001. They later divorced but lived together for a while with their son. There was rumoured to be a romance between him and Donna C out of The Donnas, however, if there was any truth in this, they are no longer together.

Other Bands

  • The Lookouts
  • Screeching Weasel
  • Samiam

Random Facts

  • Tré was the DJ for his high school.1

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