Line-Up: Billie Joe (vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass, vocals), Tre (drums, vocals)
Producers: Rob Cavallo, Green Day
Engineered by: Neil King.
Additional engineering by: Casey McCrankin.
Mixed by: "Huckle" Jerry Finn, Rob Cavallo, and Green Day.
Length: 39:46
Cover Illustration by: Richie Bucher.

All words by Billie Joe except "Emenius Sleepus" by Mike Dirnt.
All music by Green Day.


The original title for 'Dookie' was 'Liquid Dookie', the band soon after rejected this claiming it to be too gross.

The original version of the album featured an audience member on the back of the case holding up an Ernie from Sesame Street doll. This was later removed in some parts of the world when Sesame Street threatened to sue.

Mike speaking to Alter/Native about the 'Dookie' cover: "We personally believe that dogs are going to take over the world. And when they do they're gonna hit everyone with shit." 1


01. Burnout
02. Having a Blast
03. Chump
04. Longview
05. Welcome to Paradise
06. Pulling Teeth
07. Basket Case
08. She
09. Sassafras Roots
10. When I Come Around
11. Coming Clean
12. Emenius Sleepus
13. In the End
14. F.O.D.


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