Fuse's Green Day Week (November 28 2005 - December 04 2005)

December 03, 2005:
- Bullet in a Bible preview (2.30pm)
- Bullet in a Bible premier (9.00pm)

December 04, 2005:
- Comp'd (2.30pm)
- Comp'd (9.00pm)
- Comp'd (11.30pm)
- Bullet in a Bible premier (2.00am)

Also included repeats of Live at Irving Plaza, D'Fused: Making of "When September Ends", the making of the videos for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", "American Idiot", 100% Green Day, Loaded: Green Day, the making of "American Idiot" the record, Steven's Untitled Rock Show featuring Green Day, Daily Download featuring Green Day, and #1 Countdown Green Day will be also included. "Jesus of Suburbia" was also played every week night at 8:30 kicking off a half hour of solid Green Day videos.


Influenc'd with Green Day premiered on January 09, 2006.

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