Released: January 09, 2007 (Reprise re-release)
Line-up: Billie Joe (guitar, vocals), Mike (bass, vocals), Tre (drums, vocals), Al Sobrante (drums on 'Sweet Children', 'Best Thing In Town', 'Strangeland' and 'My Generation')
Recorded: May & September 1991 at Art of Ears Studios, San Francisco.
Producer: Andy Ernst & Green Day
Engineered and mixed by: Andy Ernst.
Mastered by: John Golden at K-disc, Hollywood.
Executive producer: Al Sobrante
Cover and Disc by: Appelcore, other art by Pat.
My Adventure with Green Day by: Laurie L.

All lyrics by Billie Joe, except "Dominated Love Slave" by Tre, and "My Generation" by the Who.
All music by Green Day.


The CD booklet contains a story titled 'My Adventure With Green Day' where the story tells of a girl who kill her parents to attend a Green Day concert. This story caused much controversy as some fans thought the story was a true event, when it was just a made up story for a fanzine called 'Tales Of … Blarg!'. The story is set around Laurie L. which is a reference to the man who signed them to Lookout! Records - Lawrence Livermore.


01. 2,000 Light Years Away
02. One for the Razorbacks
03. Welcome to Paradise
04. Christie Road
05. Private Ale
06. Dominated Love Slave
07. One of My Lies
08. 80
09. Android
10. No One Knows
11. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
12. Words I Might Have Ate
13. Sweet Children*
14. Best Thing in Town*
15. Strangeland*
16. My Generation*

  • Bonus tracks not released on vinyl.


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