Appears on: nimrod. [1997]
Music by: Green Day
Lyrics by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Length: 3:17


Green Day's tenth single. Released in May 1998.

This is one of few Green Day songs in which vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong uses an effects pedal.


#2 - Australian Singles Chart (Joint single with Good Riddance) [1998]
#16 - US Modern Rock Tracks [1998]
#27 - UK Singles Chart [1998]
#50 - Australian Singles Chart (Seperate single version) [1998]


Director: Mark Kohr

Commercial Release

Tracks released on these singles are:

* Redundant (Richard Dodd Medium Wide Remix)
* The Grouch (live)
* Paper Lanterns (live)
* Reject (live)
* She (live)
* Redundant (LP Version)
* Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (LP Version)

NOTE: 'Reject' is incorrectly listed as 'Reject All-American (live)'.

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